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Golden's Mobile Dog Grooming, Inc.  
Full service grooming brought right to your door.
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Golden's Mobile Dog Grooming, Inc.
5315 Little Joe Drive
Powhatan, Va.  23139

Full Service Grooming
All breeds welcome

Why go mobile?

Is your Groomer, spending enough time with your dog? Too
many times we have heard stories about the trust pet owners
place in these individuals only to find they keep the pet locked
in a cage all day. Similarly, all too often groomers "speed-groom"
pet-after-pet, not giving them the care and attention they need
and deserve.

If you ever wonder if similar events are happening to you and
your pet, we encourage you to give mobile grooming a try.
We have a fully equipped van to groom your dog in your
driveway so he never has to leave home. One on one attention to make your
dog feel comfortable. We clean between grooms so your dog will be in a clean,
sanitary, professional environment. Best of all, you no longer have to make two
trips to the groom shop and arrange your day just to pick up your pet.

More reasons to go mobile:

Your pet gets car sick, he is too large or heavy for you to handle, he is an elderly dog, he doesn't get along with other
dogs, gets stressed easily, nervous dogs, panicks when put in cage, has hip or other problems that need a gentle touch. 
If you feel that your dog needs that special touch, I can help.

The Van:

the grooming van is fully self contained and is
equipped with today's technological advances;

1)Hot & Cold Water- for comfortable temperature bathing

2)Heat & Air Conditioning-for comfortable grooming any season

3)Generator-for electrical needs

4)Full size tub-to accomodate even the largest dogs

5)Super Suds System-ensures a clean well groomed pet

6)High Velocity Force Dryers-so drying your pet doesn't take as long as cage drying in salons

7)Central Vacuum-keeps the van clean between grooms

8)Hydraulic Grooming Table-to elevate the big dogs

9)Stereo System-soothes the dogs (and the groomer)

10)  Clean and Safe Environment

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